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Solar Energia is a provider of photovoltaic panels, inverters, and batteries, experiencing rapid growth in the Polish and European markets. Our company delivers hundreds of megawatts of diverse photovoltaic solutions annually, actively supporting the green transformation. Discover how we can contribute to the financial stability of your business!

 We offer a range of products We offer a range of products

We provide a wide range of products and ensure consistent deliveries, enabling our customers easy access to high-quality goods. Our goal is to offer customers convenient access to a comprehensive assortment in the field of renewable energy.

We support your business We support your business

By ensuring constant access to a diverse range of products at competitive prices, we support not only the financial stability of our customers but also enable efficient investments in the Renewable Energy (RE) industry.

We guarantee efficient implementation We guarantee efficient implementation

We ensure smooth order fulfillment through collaboration with trusted carriers. For our customers, we also provide the option of personal pickup, tailored to their individual needs. Regardless of the choice, with us, orders are always efficiently processed.

We deliver innovative technologies We deliver innovative technologies

Stay with us if you want to stay updated on the latest trends in the Renewable Energy industry. As a Solar Energia customer, you will have access to innovative solutions that not only align with current trends but also set new standards in the field of renewable energy.

Solar Energia – Together for Future Generations

We understand the challenges of our clients in the renewable energy industry and provide support for their business development. Our role goes beyond supplying products; we actively support ecological change. Together with our clients, for all of us, for future generations. We are here to shape a sustainable future together.

Solar Energia

We are expanding on a global scale

Successfully, we deliver our products to customers in Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Lithuania. As a committed Renewable Energy provider, we constantly strive to expand our operations to actively support the global energy transformation. We aim to be a key participant in the global movement towards a sustainable future.

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Customer reviews

We are pleased to recommend Solar Energia as a highly commendable business partner. Solar Energia consistently meets our expectations with its offerings, providing products from top manufacturers. We attest that Solar Energia delivers comprehensive and professional service. All tasks are executed promptly and in accordance with agreements. The experience and constant availability of Managing Director Dawid Włodarczyk deserve recognition and endorsement to other clients.

Green Smart Energy

With a clear conscience, we can recommend collaboration with Solar Energia to everyone. Their extensive product range tailored to current market needs and competitive prices speak for themselves. We have been cooperating since the inception of our company and look forward to more years of fruitful partnership.

SBL Energy

I am incredibly pleased with the cooperation with Solar-Energia, with whom I have had the pleasure to work for the second year now. Fast communication, express delivery of materials, and competitive prices. The service is always friendly and helpful, especially professional – they know what they are talking about. Mrs. Karolina Skórska, our account manager, is always pleasant, reliable, and particularly diligent in her duties. I highly recommend it 😉

Arkadiusz Januła, CEO, Founder

Solar Energia tzn. szybko sprawnie rzetelnie i profesjonalnie, a zatem wszystkiego czego gorąco potrzebujesz 😉 .Proszę zwrócić uwagę na Panią Karolinę Skórską czyli specjalistę ds sprzedaży w firmie Solar Energia gdyż profesjonalne i zarazem relacyjne podejście jest dziś rzadko spotykane w biznesie Polecam i Rekomenduje .

Radzisław Skrzypczak, CEO, Founder

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By joining us, you don’t just become a customer – you become part of a community actively shaping the future through the implementation of renewable energy sources. Become our customer and let’s together build a community that drives the green revolution and shapes a better future for all of us.

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